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Great ways to turn versatile jackfruit into delicious dishes

A stunning Filipino dessert? A vegan no-fish cake? A vibrant no-cook salad? Jackfruit can do it all.


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Jackfruit is like the chameleon of the food world, starring equally well in a sweet dessert as it does in a hearty burger. 

The different uses reflect that fact that the world’s largest fruit can be used at various stages of the ripening process. It’s understandably popular with vegans because its mild flavour and hearty texture partway through ripening means it can form the heart of many savoury dishes. Fully ripe, jackfruit becomes sweet and softer, perfect for indulgent desserts. 

Young jackfruit salad with tofu

This canned jackfruit recipe, from Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, is full of flavour but so easy and fast: chop and slice the ingredients, stir up a sauce and toss it all together, and it’s ready in 15 minutes! 

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Algi Wijewickrema

Source:Peterite – pre 70s FB

18th of November has come round and in the run up to the Peterite centenary falling on 18th January 2022, having covered the notables among the Rectors (including the first Peterite to be Rector, Fr. Claver Perera), today we commence publishing brief details of notable alumni.

What better way of presenting notable alumni than to commence with those who served in the Vineyard of the Lord.

Since the death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Michael Rodrigo fell on 10th November (30.6.1927 – 10.11.1987), we begin our posts of Peterite alumni who opted to serve in the Vineyard of the Lord, with him, a Priest martyred for his services to God’s poor.

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Pradeep Basnayake out to develop rugby in the Central Province-by Hafiz Marikar

Pradeep Basnayake

Pradeep Basnayake


Pradeep Basnayake , better known as Bassa was a top class rugby player during his playing dayS and now a administrator, is a product of Trinity College , he played his club rugby for Kandy Sports Club, and also for Up-Country and Sri Lanka and captained the Kandy Sports Club and Sri Lanka team . He is a double international at rugby and basketball.

He played for Kandy SC for ten years and many years for the country and gave his best as a top class forward. and was a top class coach, he started his coaching at Trinity College in 2008 being in charge of the Under 20 outfit and later on taking charge of the Under 18 side. Regarded as one of the top men in the field of rugby, he is the present head of the Central Province Rugby Union and is having big plans to develop the game.

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WHEN ANCIENT BUDDHISTS SAILED WEST-by Bhante Dhammika of Australia


One of the most isolated and little-known places in the world is the island of Socotra. Dry, barren and with only a small population, it sits some 380 kilometres off the southern edge of the Arabian Peninsula and the eastern tip of Somalia and is now administered at part of Yemen. Although on one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes it has no port facilities and gets almost no visitors. Nonetheless, it has recently become one of the most important and unexpected archaeological sites for those interested in Indian and particularly Indian Buddhist history.

In the year 2000 a group of Belgian speleologist (Speleology is the study of caves) visited a large cave on Socotra known by the locals as Hoq and made a series of remarkable discoveries. The cave itself is on the northern coast of the island facing out to sea and not only has a wide opening but is more than two kilometer deep and in parts 35 meters high. On the walls of the passage leading to the back of the cave, the cavers discovered to their astonishment a large number of very ancient drawings, inscriptions and graffiti. Careful study of this material since then has shown that the majority of these were made by ancient Indian merchants travelling to and from the Red Sea and beyond. It has long been known that in ancient times merchants travelling from Indian ports such as Sopara, Kalyana and Chaul to the Middle East and further on to Egypt and even sometimes to Rome, passed by and often stopped at Socotra but this is the earliest material evidence of such travelers.

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Real coconut arrack may soon become history warns Harry J


“100% coconut products out of reach of the customer due to prevailing taxes”

Distilleries Company boss Harry Jayawardena has warned that “real coconut arrack will soon be out of the market” if the concerned authorities do not look into the “step-motherly treatment” now being accorded to the coconut arrack industry.

Jayawardena, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Distilleries Company  of Sri Lanka PLC (DCSL) has sounded this warning in the recently published annual report of the company where he has complained about prevailing exorbitant pricing structure of coconut arrack with sales volumes shrinking daily.

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Arthur impressed by all-round skills of Santhush Gunathilaka-by Rex Clementine

Santhush Gunathilaka


Sri Lanka are taking several young players to South Africa for the two match Test series and while most of them are there as cover because last minute injury replacements are impossible to be flown in due to the pandemic, the one who perhaps has got a chance to make his debut in the Boxing Day Test of Centurion is all-rounder Santhush Gunathilaka.

The 21-year-old is a top order batsman who bowls seam and he has impressed Head Coach Mickey Arthur.

“Very impressed by Santhush Gunathilaka. We are trying to develop a seam bowling all-rounder for conditions outside Asia. It’s tough to find in Asia someone who bats in the top six and bowls seam and we are excited by the talent set of Santhush,” Arthur who has coached the likes of Jacques Kallis and Shane Watson, top class all-rounders told Sunday Island.

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Resumption of burials a high risk the country cannot afford to take – MP Muzammil-By Shamindra Ferdinando

MP Muzammil


‘We shouldn’t seek exclusive rights during a grave crisis’

SLPP (Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna) National List MP Mohammed Muzammil yesterday strongly urged the government not to resume burial of Muslim corona victims under any circumstances, though a section of the Muslim community is demanding that Muslim covid-19 victims be allowed to be buried.

Muzammil, who represents the National Freedom Front (NFF), a constituent of the SLPP, said that the country was struggling to cope with the corona pandemic and no one should be allowed to play politics at a time of national health emergency.

The NFF has five elected MPs and one National List MP in the 145-member SLPP parliamentary group.

In a brief interview with The Island over the phone, the former JVP MP emphasised that whatever the religious dictates and sentiments, the Sri Lankan Muslim community should adhere to specific instructions issued by the government as regards the cremation of corona victims.

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What are Angiotensin inhibitors and Angiotensin 11 receptor Blockers?-By Dr Harold Gunatillake

Harold Gunatillake


When you are over 60, high blood pressure also called Essential hypertension is most likely to occur in men and women equally. There is no identifiable cause, but is thought to be linked to genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise obesity and stress factors.

It is a silent killer, unless BP is checked regularly and treated with antihypertensive medication if the readings are above the normal range and lifestyle changes.

Other inevitable causes are insulin resistance, high alcohol intake, high salt intake, aging, low potassium, and calcium intake

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