Gehan Gunasekera

“G.G.,THE COVER KING” – BY Des Kelly

It is with a lot of pleasure that I introduce Gehan Gunasekera as “The Cover King” of eLanka. I first heard Gehan on Facebook,.recently. when, out of the blue, amid many & various “Song Clips” being aired every day, on this “platform”, one, that I feel is ideal for music & Musicians, I noticed his name, together with his own “introduction” to “songs” he had “covered”, in his own style of recording, which immediately interested someone who has been recording songs for eons(it seems). I had never seen this particular technique of recording, & as I “clicked” on, to hear the most dulcet tones of Gehan & watching the “backing trax” actually working, computer-style, intrigued me, so I just kept watching & listening to yet another great Sri Lankan talent who, obviously knew what he was doing. Gehan has a rather soft,.yet beautiful baritone voice, can sing any type of ballad to perfection, plus, what interested me even more, was the fact that he had a natural tendency for “Country Music”.

     To the many thousands of eLanka readers,.everywhere, this is only a brief introduction of Gehan Gunasekera, together with a “sample” of what might be a 45rpm (Single), of the good old days, done now, in “G.G.THE COVER KING” of eLanka style, which I am certain that readers everywhere will enjoy.
Gehan, like me, is very very proud of what certain Sri Lankan Entertainers, people like Bill Forbes, Cliff Foenander,.plus instrumentalists like the late, great, Gerry Crake (to name just three), have done, to make our beautiful little Island (former) home, proud.

     As we feature Gehan Gunesekera further, I shall endeavour to bring you more details of this “Cover King’s” life. For now, please enjoy the superb work of this guy, of whom eLanka is very proud, indeed.

Desmond Kelly

      Desmond Kelly
    (Editor-in-Chief)– eLanka.

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Come On In 
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In My Little Room
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